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Roman's Design

Roman’s Design

1939 Main Street

Ramona, Ca. 92065 USA

(858) 729-8506




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bulletAbout Our Winches:

Some of our most recent activity involved us with the Canadian Air Cadets with a contract for 11 winches

 (7 of them being manufactured in the past year).

With 100% satisfaction, we are currently awaiting an extension to that contract for another 10 set of winches.

Our winch/launching systems are built on a solid steel uniframe weldment structure which is lifetime guaranteed.

The power sources are an International 7.3 Diesel engine and transmission,

which are completely rebuilt, dinometric certificated,

and under warrantee by Jasper Engine Remanufacturing Company for 250k miles.

The winch documentation manual contains CAD drawings which illustrate and include parts,

their supplier, and their catalog number and distributor contact information.

All electrical systems are meticulously detailed and marked with OBDII engine plug scanner input

so that the system could be maintained by any automotive shop.

 In addition, the manuals given with each winch contain CD copies of the drawings

along with a CD of a power point presentation which illustrates basic maintenance of the winch.

 Along with every winch, we are also providing 24 hour winch operator and pilot training with ground launching endorsements.

Truly, the full package when it comes to glider-launching systems.

bullet Technical Data:

Single drum design (can have multiple drums; see options below)

7.3 liter diesel engine with turbo charge

325 horsepower

Maximum tow speed of 70 knots

PLC control

Automatic cable tensioning control

Computer tracking speed with “bug follower”

Length of 170”, Width of 101”, Height of 92 ¼”

Total weight of 6700 lbs

Electric shift/pneumatic controls

Hydraulic disk brake system

Automatic cable layout

Emergency cable cutting guillotine

AC control


Multi-rum design (up to, but not limited to, four drums)

Gasoline (vs. diesel) power plant

Hydrostatic drive

PLC control with touch screen



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Roman’s Design

1939 Main Street

Ramona, Ca. 92065 USA

(858) 729-8506


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