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Roman's Design

Roman’s Design

1939 Main Street

Ramona, Ca. 92065 USA

(858) 729-8506





Romans Design has been building complex, automated machinery for the U.S. industry for the last 24 years,

 delivering over 56 machines to our customers. Making automated machinery that includes power hydraulics,

 pneumatics, electrical controls, robotics, single/multi axis servo controls, electrical and hydraulic systems;

 we never fail to provide fully automated and functioning machinery. Possessing unlimited welding certificates,

 our projects include structural welding and fabrication.

All of our custom fabrications then come with full electronic documentation in CAD format.

Roman Wrosz, the owner and founder of Romans Design,

attended and graduated from the Institute of Technology named after Ignacy Lukasiewicz, in Rzeszow, Poland

in 1983. There, he studied Mechanical Engineering (Specialty in Technology of Machinery).

Many of the projects he has done since include working for companies such as Invisalign, National Pen, Olhausen,

 Imperial Toys, and Cessna Aircraft Industry.






Some of our customers include


AGCSC [San Diego, California] This local soaring club possesses an over 2 year old, single drum,

glider winch that was remanufactured for a synthetic cable (Spectra).

The system was severely tested and put to use in various terrain, different conditions,

and locations (desert, grass fields, etc.).

For the first time, they have been launching and soaring gliders to 2000 feet in 50 seconds.

Costing the club approximately $2 per launch, we developed, and tested,

 a special guillotine that uses a nail gun cartridge in emergency conditions.


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Imperial Toys


 [Los Angeles, California];

 This company possesses two high speed machines that include the packaging of marbles and silly putty.

 (In use for over 10 years).




Argee Manufacturing.


 [Santee, California] This facility purchased two specially designed

 thermoforming equipments for films and rigid plastic.

 (Equipment built over 16 years ago).




National Pen


[Rancho Bernardo, California] We designed and build special inline thermoforming equipment

 for fabricating custom clam shell pen packages.

We delivered and build custom forming tools with universal cooling plates that allowed for quick mold changes.

 (12 years ago).




Cessna Aircraft Manufacturing


[Wichita, Kansas] We designed and built a single platformed,

 rigid plastic thermoforming machine especially for them.

 (10 years ago).




Invisalign  Align Technology


 [Santa Clara, California] We designed and built over 6 high speed forming machines

 for manufacturing clear/invisible orthodontics braces.

 I, Roman Wrosz am the solo owner of the unique manufacturing patent that is used for high speed forming,

 laser making, and robotic delivering of this product.

 (4 years ago).





[Portland, Tennessee] This pool/billiard table manufacturing company has,

 in their possession, a custom designed and built pool table rail,

high speed, and assembly machine.

The system includes a high speed, melting glue application and single axis servo control.

 (In use for over one year).




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Roman’s Design

1939 Main Street

Ramona, Ca. 92065 USA

(858) 729-8506

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